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About The Mark Newey Method


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 You can beat Stress, Anxiety and Depression in just 8 Weeks”

…”But how do you know? You haven’t even met me yet!”

I don’t need to have met you. If you have the genuine desire to live a calmer, more productive and fulfilled life, then all you need is some understanding. I have been teaching thousands of people how to do this for nearly 20 years.

You see, society completely misunderstands what Stress, Anxiety and Depression are. They are not mental illnesses…at least not until they’ve been bottled up and become a toxic mental loop of destructive thought patterns! Despite what you may be feeling or have been told, Stress, Anxiety and Depression can be beaten.

We’re supposed to get Stress, Anxiety and Depression! They are signals from our system telling us our life is not working and that we need to change something. But we’re not listening. We’re taught to manage or medicate our symptoms which means they continue to exist and can only get worse over time.

The solution to these so-called mental health problems is Mental Wellness Education.

The Mark Newey Method is a Therapeutic Coaching Programme which can be delivered 1-2-1, at schools in workshops and online. It has been developed over nearly 20 years, has thousands of satisfied clients and can be carried out in as little as 8 weeks.

We need a Revolution:

Our Mission is to Transform the Nation’s Mental Health


The medical system cannot, and for the forseeable future, will not, be able to cope with the scale of mental health problems we have today, either financially or logistically, especially when only 13% of the total NHS budget is spent on mental health, even though 75-90% of GP’s visits are stress-related.

It’s bad! 1 in 6 of us (11 million people) is struggling with Stress, Anxiety or Depression in any one week, but over 75% of people get no treatment. And of those who do, 1 in 10 people have to wait a year for therapy and 1 in 5 have to wait 2 years! And even then only 42% of people actually complete their therapy programme.

In addition, most children and adolescents are turned away from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), even if they are self harming and have suicidal thoughts.

There has to be another way! There is: Mental Wellness Education.

Headucate is a Mental Wellness Education Programme that can be delievered through schools to students and parents and online, as well as public workshop programmes.

The Headucate Foundation

Mark Newey Method Ltd is committed to setting up a Social Foundation. Not only is our very activity changing society but we are undertaking the following initiatives:

  • We have a very clear Mission Statement in terms of what we want to achieve in society
  • We will allocate a minimum of 10% of our profits to the Foundation which will provide care and Mental Wellness Education for children excluded from school, who normally simply fall out of the system
  • We will campaign for change in the medical and education systems with regards to mental health
  • We will set up a website for local companies to be able use their Corporate Social Responsibility budgets to fund the Headucate After Schools Programme for local schools
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