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Merry Christmas?

Well it’s December already and we all know what that means! It’s three weeks to Christmas.

How many of us have a genuinely MERRY Christmas? Unfortunately, it’s a time for many, when instead of the Hollywood images, we get a load of family strife and stress.

In fact, January is the month with most divorce applications. Coincidence?

So what can we do to minimise the stress and maximise the Merriness? We need to stand back and look at our lives, especially around Xmas.

There are two main problems over Xmas: difficult or broken relationships and the apparent need to spend loads of money on presents.

If you want to use Christmas as a time to repair or improve a family relationship, then you need to get started now. You need to contact the person well in advance, be open and honest and say that you want the two of you to understand each other better and use the time together over the festive season to set up the platform for a better relationship moving forwards.

It needs to be out in the open so that both can actively take part. The best way to do that is to largely take the responsibility for the falling down of the relationship yourself, even if you feel that it was more their fault.

At the end of the day it does take two to tango.

By taking the responsibility up front, you’re taking a huge amount of pressure off the other person. That makes it much easier for the other person to engage. Then it’s case of standing back, listening to each other, being non-judgemental and honest.

The other area that brings huge pressure is present buying and the apparent need to show how much you love somebody by how much you spend on them.

If you look at that closely, what you’re actually doing is trying to buy love…which of course you can’t do. It’s not about the money, it’s about how thoughtful you’ve been.

For example, rather than buying somebody a bottle of booze off the shelf at Tesco, why not make them a bottle of homemade Damson gin or vodka or use your own blend of herbs and spices? It’s so easy, there are recipes galore on the internet and you could use raspberries or sloes too.

Then you can finish it off with a nice flip top bottle, a hand written label and a ribbon. It’s personal and you’ve made the effort.

These thoughtful initiatives will make so much difference to your Christmas, but you need to start thinking about them now.

If you need help standing back, looking at your life, in order to beat stress, anxiety or depression, then check out other pages on this website to learn how.





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