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Political correctness or social entrapment?

I believe that political correctness has become a very divisive force in society today. The fact that it’s even felt to be necessary is a shocking indictment on our Western way of life.

My real problem with political correctness is that it is based on fear and is therefore a direct contributor to the pandemic levels of stress, anxiety and depression that we have.

We are having to be increasingly careful about the language we use to make sure that we are not upsetting somebody. We’re having to double-check what we’re going to say especially in public.


A recent client made a joke at work that was interpreted by somebody as being racist. Anybody that knows this person at all knows that there isn’t a racist bone in her body.

But she’s ended up with a written warning and she’s absolutely mortified to the point where this episode has contributed to her increasing anxiety in life, particularly at work.

I was talking to a prospective client on the phone this week and was apologising for not being able to pronounce her name. I excused myself by saying “we English are so bad with names and languages.” It was only after I put the phone down that I thought she might have seen that remark as offensive.

Judging by her name she is Muslim and of course is probably English! The implication in my remark is that she is different. In no way did I mean that.

Gender agenda

I read a newspaper article recently which said that an all girls school has recently banned addressing the students as “girls or ladies”. Well what do you call them…”its”?

And by the way, what’s wrong with being a girl? What’s wrong with being a lady? I thought the whole point of feminism was to be proud of being a woman.

Again, perhaps it’s an age thing, but I simply don’t understand the gender-neutral agenda. Before I’m accused of being a fascist, let me point out that I am not saying that we should not be supportive of and empathetic to minority groups.

But that should be a natural human instinct.

Human values

Surely all that is necessary is to live our lives honouring some basic human values: open-mindedness, tolerance, community, inclusiveness.

This is a much more positive and therefore powerful message than fear-based political correctness.

And aren’t those the very values that Britain is known for; we are well-known as being one of the most multi-cultural societies on the planet.

So let’s minimise the fear-based messaging which just adds to the general sense of stress, anxiety and depression.

The Mark Newey Method is about learning who the real “us” is, to learn to love that person and feel empowered to go out into the world and make a difference.

When we can live life from that place, there is no room for stress, anxiety or depression.

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