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Being Vulnerable is Being Powerful

Being vulnerable is being powerful! Sounds wrong doesn’t it?

We’ve been brought up not to be vulnerable ever since we were this high. The childhood programming goes: “Well if you allow yourself to be vulnerable, people will hurt you and you’ll suffer”. And this is all part of the anxiety we have constantly floating around in the back of our minds. We have to stay constantly alert to make sure that we’re safe… to make sure we’re not vulnerable. The key is that we mustn’t show our weaknesses. We must hide them.

Actually nothing could be further from the truth! Being vulnerable is the most powerful thing in the world.

Let me give you some examples of famous people who are vulnerable and readily show their weaknesses:

  • Richard Branson has always been perfectly open about being dyslexic and dyscalclic. He’s never hidden it. We don’t think of Richard Branson as weak or vulnerable do we?
  • Winston Churchill invented the expression “The Black Dog of Depression”. In other words the whole electorate knew he was depressed. Again we don’t think of Churchill being weak do we?
  • Here’s a more obvious example: Adele. She was so open about her feelings of not being good enough after having not released an album for several years. She’s even burst into tears on stage. But we love Adele don’t we?

Being vulnerable…showing your weaknesses shows real courage… and that’s what people take on board…the courage…not the vulnerability. They also recognise that you’re being fundamentally authentic. That you’re not hiding.

Very few people show their weaknesses and are authentic; most people are hiding. Authentic and vulnerable people are different, they stand out and boy are the powerful?!

When I got this about 10 years ago, I put up a video on my home page telling people about my breakdown.

So what weaknesses can you stop hiding and be open about? When you start, just notice how your anxiety levels drop.

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