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Do you need to Liberate Your Life?

Ever heard yourself saying: “I want my life back”? Well you never lost it, but presumably you were living it in a way that didn’t make you happy. And that is the definition of stress!! It’s telling you you need to change something.Anxiety also means you’re living your life in a way that doesn’t make you happy…but it’s telling you something different! You’re living in false fear: your life’s not actually in danger, but you’re thinking and behaving as though it is.

In fact, I’m starting to write my next book on this very issue. It’s asking the question:” Why are we so anxious, when our lives are the safest of any generation?”

I went for a 2 hour walk on my own yesterday afternoon and as usual when I do this, the creative buds flowered! It suddenly hit me that there is a really common reason that so many people are anxious, but it’s entirely hidden! We can’t see it. So many people are trapped by their own lives. The problem is they don’t know they’re trapped and they don’t know what they want.

The 72% of people who are disengaged from their work are definitely in this camp. We spend most of our waking life working a job we don’t like so that we can pay the bills at the end of the month. We’re trapped: we’ve got to pay the bills! If you’re trapped, you’re anxious…simples! The problem is that whilst most of the 72% are aware they don’t like their job, they haven’t worked out how this traps them in their life and that’s why they’re not doing anything about it

I often think that mortgages were the biggest trap ever invented. We’ve been sold the “American Dream”: own a big house and a big car and then you’ll be happy. Don’t worry about borrowing the money: you’ve got a job. And we tie ourselves in.

Most Millenials are being brought up to aspire to this life, but they haven’t got a hope: the safe career is long gone. And this is why they’re more anxious than the rest of us.

The big question is do we need the big house and the big car to be happy? The answer’s a big resounding “No”. Many of the happiest countries in the world are the poorer ones…no big house no big car! Fact!

So to be happy, we need two things: to make sure we’re not trapped and we need a purpose in our life…which is a topic for another day!

So do you need to step back and liberate your life?

The Liberation Programme is designed to do exactly this! See for details.



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