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About the Mark Newey Method

The Mark Newey Method empowers you to not only beat stress, anxiety and depression but also gain the understanding and tools to make sure you never go back there again.

It enables you to guide your life about where you really want it to go.

How is the Mark Newey Method different to other therapies?

The Mark Newey Method is not about managing or medicating your condition. Those are not a solution. This unique approach can beat stress, anxiety and depression in as little as eight weeks and has been developed from two completely unique sources to produce astonishing results for sufferers.

Firstly, it draws on Mark’s own experiences of having a breakdown and fighting his way out of it through gaining awareness and understanding of the mind and how it works. This awareness and understanding has been continuously improved and developed over the past 18 years since Mark started working as a practitioner.

Secondly, the Mark Newey Method assimilates the experiences of, and learnings from, almost 3,000 patients that Mark has treated and helped to overcome their condition.

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