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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mark Newey Method?

The Mark Newey Method is a uniquely inspirational and effective online therapy programme developed over 17 years to empower people to beat stress, anxiety and depression through videos, hypnotherapy, workbooks and self-discovery.

How do I know if I need therapy? How bad do I need to feel?

The Mark Newey method is suitable for anyone with stress, anxiety or mild depression – you will know if you have any of these and will definitely benefit from the Mark Newey Method online course. It is not suitable for people with severe depression or those with clinical mental health conditions such as schizophrenia and paranoia.

What proof do you have that your method really works?

Mark has been treating clients for almost two decades with a very high success rate (see testimonials). It takes an investment in time and a commitment to change, but the results are transformational.

Why do other treatments fail?

Other treatments are based on coping with or managing stress, anxiety and depression. They give you neither the self awareness of what you need to change in your life or the self empowerment to go and make the changes. You can only get deep self awareness if you understand how your mind (and more specifically your unconscious mind) works; and only then do you know what to change. Other treatments don’t give you this knowledge.

Is your method like CBT?

No, not at all. CBT is designed to teach mental strategies to mange your problem. For example, if you have anxiety, it teaches you how to deflect the anxious thoughts, how to distract yourself and move beyond the anxiety. The problem is that requires a lot of willpower. Willpower requires conscious thought; but the anxiety problem is not the conscious: otherwise we would be able to talk ourselves out of these bad unconscious programmes.

How do I discover my personal values?

The course will take you through this exercise. It’s often a real eye-opener to people and can be a turning point in their self-awareness, which is one of the key essentials of the Mark Newey Method Happiness Hierarchy, outlined in the seminar and the first part of the course.

Where can I attend a seminar?

Please check our schedule of upcoming seminars for suitable dates and venues.

Who is the Liberation Progamme aimed at?

The programme will empower anybody who is struggling with stress, anxiety or depression: young or old.

For those whose stress, anxiety and depression has not yet become debilitating, it will allow you to completely turn your life around, providing you take action on learning and make the changes in your life and your thinking that you have learnt are necessary.

However, if you are really struggling, the programme cannot have the power of good 1-2-1 therapy, particularly when working with a therapist who has deep level personal experience. What the programme will do is give you the information to share with that therapist, so  they can help you make the changes you have identified. It is therefore a vital part of accelerating and targeting that therapeutic outcome.

If I attend the seminar will I still need to do the online course?

Some people who attend the seminar will find it sufficient to identify areas for change and find this is inspiration enough to overcome their cause of stress, anxiety and depression. Others will see it as the start of a journey and feel they have much more to learn before they can get to the heart of their circumstances and really catapult their lives forwards.

Should I attend the seminar if I am doing the online course?

The information from the seminar will be repeated in the first module of the online course, but hearing it live and watching it on a video online are two different experiences and the compound understanding of doing both will really prepare you to move your life on. Attending the seminar AND doing the online programme is thoroughly recommended.

How long will it take to complete the online course?

The course is designed to be completed in a minimum of 60 days, however it is perfectly acceptable to take several days to complete some sections while you consider your answers. Both approaches will work, it depends on your circumstances and available time.

Are the exercises done online?

Yes, all exercises are completed online – once registered you will receive a personal log-in. You will be able to access all your answers and check progress and understanding via questionnaires at specific points.

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