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Inspirational, Empowering and Transformational Talks on Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness Education is the Solution to the Mental Health Crisis.

Mental Health in the UK is in Crisis

11 million people in the UK (17% of the population) are struggling with Stress, Anxiety and Depression in any one week, 75% of whom get no treatment. In 2017, two-thirds of children referred for specialist mental healthcare were not receiving treatment, even if they were self-harming or had suicidal thoughts. The NHS mental health budget would need to increase 15-fold to fund the gap!

Mental Wellness is:

  • Not rocket-science and yet virtually nobody understands it

  • More than not being mentally ill

  • More than not being stressed, anxious or depressed

  • Having a deep understanding and comfort in who you are, how you create your reality and what you want out of life

  • Being empowered for life.

Mark’s Mission

Mark’s mission is now to campaign for a revolution in the way mental health is dealt with by government and within society itself. Mark’s “coal-face” experience of seeing 3000 clients over 20 years outside of the medical system, informs his a uniquely different and profound view on the way to deal with the mental health crisis. He needs just an hour to completely change how the individual sees mental health and give them insight to allow them to begin making changes straight away.

Mental Wellness Keynote Speech

In his 1 hour keynote speech, “Your Route to Mental Wellness”, Mark passionately:

  • Challenges the status quo on mental health in terms of NHS provision and the general understanding of what mental health actually is
  • Offers a simple and cost-effective solution
  • Outlines a universally identifiable education process taking the audience from Stress, Anxiety and Depression through to Happiness, with all of the stops along the way
  • Provides a completely different and empowering way at looking at one’s mental health


  • “I wanted to thank you Mark for not only your time in putting on the talk on Mental Wellbeing but the passion and drive you so clearly showed all those fortunate enough to hear you. I’ve never known an hour to go by so quickly. Your engagement with the audience was powerful but it also felt that you were able to connect on an individual level at the same time allowing us all to take home some important thoughts and personal action points. A huge thank you and I only hope many more people are able to hear about your experience and visions for the future, especially the conversation around mental wellbeing and the younger generations.” J.B.
  • ” Wow! After just an hour, I’m already thinking about my anxiety and actually the whole of mental health, in a completely different way. It makes me feel so much more in control!” P.W.
  • “It makes so much sense that Stress, Anxiety and Depression aren’t mental illnesses…just signals from our system. Why are we told we’re mentally ill?” J.C.
  • ” I didn’t realise that mental health was such a big issue and that the answers lie within ourselves and not in medicating or managing them! We just need to be shown how!” F.F.
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