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Therapeutic Coaching

Continuing 1-2-1 work during the Coronavirus crisis.

I am continuing to see clients 1-2-1 during the crisis, keeping a vigilant eye on the precautions laid down by my professional organisation. As has been widely published by the media, mental health, if it wasn’t already a huge issue before the coronavirus, will become a serious problem now. There will be worries about health, money and relationships whilst we’re all squashed in together.

  • Face-toFace: Mental health therapy is seen as a key area, where meetings of no more than 2 people are still permissable under government guidelines. There are some very simple but effective precautions that I will be following, a copy of which I will send you in advance, before you come to my office.

  • Online via Zoom: Coaching can also be done online very effectively: indeed I have had clients in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy and Sweden for whom this has worked extremely well. For the hypnosis, we would still spend a significant amount of time designing a personalised hypnosis session together. I would then record the session and send it to you as an mp3 file via email. Again, this works extremely effectively. I will  send you a single click Zoom link via email: couldn’t be simpler!

Why do we get stressed, anxious and depressed anyway?

Actually we’re supposed to get stressed, anxious and depressed: it’s our body and mind working as they should. But we’ve been told they’re mental illnesses. They’re not! They are all just your system telling you that you’re not living your life in a way that makes you happy, that you need to stand back and take a look and then change something. Stress, Anxiety and Depression are not supposed to be managed or medicated: they are signals from our system upon which we’re supposed to act.

So what can you expect from the  Therapeutic Coaching Programme?

You will not only get to discover who you really are, but also understand why you are stressed, anxious and depressed and what you need to do about it. You will learn how your Unconscious works and specifically why it’s currently creating the reality you don’t want. Then you will become comfortable in your own skin, find out what it is you really want from life and become empowered to go and get it; this is why you will never need to look back.

How does the Programme work?

There are 5 four hour sessions which are as follows:

Session 1: Mark will take you through 2 models of how the Unconscious works, knowledge of which should be taught in schools. This will allow you to see what your head is up to and what you need to change. As part of the process, you will receive some homework which will personalise your learning to your own experiences.

Session 2: This will be a coaching session which goes through the homework and what it means for you at a much deeper level, the outcome of which is genuine Self Awareness.

Session 3: From the coaching session you will have learned what it is that you need to change. We will then construct a hypnosis session together which allows you to let go of all of the negative programming and limiting beliefs that currently sit in your Unconscious and are preventing you from moving on.

Session 4: This is a coaching session to find out what it is you really want out of life, what makes your heart sing and what your calling is: we all have one!

Session 5: We construct another hypnosis session together, which this time is designed to set the Unconscious up to look for what you want out of life and to empower you to go and get that life.

The Blended Approach

For those who live a long way away (past clients have sent friends and relatives to see me from Rome, Paris, Dusseldorf and even L.A., amongst other foreign places, as well as from all over the UK), I can offer a blended approach. This means that the teaching and coaching done in Sessions 1,2 and 4 are done via the Headucate online programme and you only need to visit Saffron Walden twice!


If you would like to book up or have a chat for more info, please ring me on:

0800 083 0143.

Please note that I’m generally booking 4-6 weeks ahead, although if you are able to be flexible on time, I can normally reduce the waiting time!

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